Welcome to NEWTECH CIRCUIT CONTROL SERVICE INC.. We have been serving our customers more than a decade making it possible for businesses to accept credit cards easily, safely and securely. Now more than ever we stand behind our products.

  NCC SERVICE is a direct payment processor that provides high-quality payment solutions for all your payment needs including credit card, debit card, online check processing systems, loyalty & gift cards, government EBT as well as other products such as complete POS system and Security Camera Systems. We provide electronic payment services to retail, hospitality, E-commerce businesses as well as other financial institutions. we pride ourselves on providing excellent personal and technical services and staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technology to meet the ever-expanding needs of our customers. We offer robust multiple front-end network accessibility and a complete line of products and services to help your business succeed. By partnering with NCC SERVICE, you can provide industry-leading, secure and flexible payment processing solutions to your customers.

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NCC SERVICE INC is an ISO of Wells Fargo Bank N.A. Walnut Creek, CA
American Express may require separate approval.

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